One Small Leap For Man

One giant leap for medium writers

William Mersey
3 min readFeb 25, 2024


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Before I begin, let me assure the weary reader that I will not brag about nor divulge how much money I’ve made on this platform in this story (because I absolutely hate people who do that). But I do want to quickly share a mild personal victory achieved after a lot of work here.

We all know (or should know) about medium’s boost program. But in case you don’t, here’s the deal: About 92,000 stories are published monthly. Of those, 2500 are chosen to be “boosted,” or included in digests and emails to subscribers as suggestions for worthwhile reading. As a result, those stories garner many more views and reads for the writer along with increased earnings.

How the site finds these stories is key. The staff is in no way prepared to read through 92,000 stories by themselves. And so, they’ve commissioned in the neighborhood of 100 publications to submit stories they think are worthy of promotion.

Aware of this reality, I took it upon myself to submit to some of the publications that recommend stories they think should be boosted when I found a list of most of those publications. (Normally, I publish in my own pubs because it’s just easier. But that wasn’t working. You get the picture.)

Of the six publications to which I submitted, four accepted me (to date). So I fired off a few stories which they published within a day or two and waited. In vain. No boost and not many reads. Had I been excommunicated by the staff or was I simply not worthy? Hard to say.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece revealing a life lesson learned many years ago and immediately sent it off to one of the boost-recommending publications. Which is to say “I shot an arrow into the air. Where it lands I know not where.” And then I went out on my bike to deliver for DoorDash.

Dashing was busy yesterday and as a result, I didn’t have time to check the emails that were pinging on my phone. Finally, with a quick lull in the action, I went into my Gmail account to discover guess what!

Not only had that morning’s submission been published — but my story had already been boosted as well! I was in shock! Just about to throw in the towel on what was looking like another…



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